September 7, 2006

My neighbour in 4th CALD Pol. Com workshop

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my neighbour name is Mr. KimHeng, he has worked for Sam Rainsy Party since 1995.

Sam Rainsy party is also member of Council of Asia Liberals and Democrts, and a liberal brother of ALDE and FNF.

He is a single and lives in Phnom Penh, the capital of Cambodia. he also wants to enter next up coming election in 2008.

He is a friendly and open-minded person.

I hope that if you would get more infomation about Cambodia politics when you chat with him.

4th CALD Pol. Coms Workshop: Day 1

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September 06, 2006

It has been a full day of discovery and much learning, after the introduction and overview of the workshop’s programme, and the formation of 4 workshop teams to handle the various administrative aspects of the workshop, we got down to a brainstorming and discussion session after CALD showed a presentation regarding the organisation and its existing communications practices and how it is working with various forms of digital media available.

The group adjourned for lunch and resumed activities at 1400hours in which the members were divided into working groups to focus on ‘Web 2.0′ applications and prepare a presentation on each of them, all participants were given 90 minutes to prepare their presentations and to which covers the following internet applications such as,,,, and a special working group formed outside of the original program focusing on Mobile Phone Text Messenging & its use on the communications practices of political parties in asia.

After which the country presentations were postponed to on following day and only allowing for 2 presentations due to the shortage of time before continuing the program planned for Thursday 7th September 2006.

The workshop group ended its first working day with a dinner at the Skyline Chinese Restaurant which presented an excellent view of the Taipei Skyline and were spoiled with wonderful local seafood , compliments of our hosts from the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) of Taiwan.


4th CALD Political Communications

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5 – 9, September 2006 / Taipei- Taiwan

The Council of Asian Liberals and Democrats ,, in cooperation with the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan,, and the Friedrich Naumann Foundation,, has started its 4th CALD Communications Workshop with the theme Political Communication in the Digital Age: A hands-on workshop on modern political communications tools in the Taiwanese capital.

The objectives of the results-oriented five-day workshop are: (1) Participants review implementation of CALD’s communications strategy and – if considered necessary – update; (2) Participants critically assess the usage of digital communications tools by all CALD member parties and observer parties and discuss future plans and applications; (3) Participants strengthen the network of media workers and specialists of CALD member parties and expand this to selected members of YLDA; (4) Participants present and share best practices regarding the usage of modern communications tools for political parties; (5) Participants appreciate the strategic importance of a clear message that defines their communications and are in the position to develop this; (6) Participants are familiar with the basic editorial and writing guidelines regarding online communications and apply them; (7) Participants are able to produce and maintain their own blogs and podcasts; and (8) Participants observe and understand the media environment in the host country Taiwan.

The participants are Messrs. Soe Aung and Naing Ko Ko of the National Council of the Union of Burma; Messrs. Keo Phirum and Srey Kimheng of the Sam Rainsy Party of Cambodia; Mr. Hendra Kusumah of the Indonesian Party of Struggle (PDIP); Mr. Sabilillah Ardie of the Nation Awakeing Party; Ms. Choi Mi-Young of the Uri Party of Korea; Messrs. Gideon Chiong and Teng Yoon Soon of the Malaysian People’s Movement Party (Gerakan); Mr. Mahmood Ahmed Khan of the Liberal forum Pakistan; Ms. Adela Cruz Espina and Ms. Pia Artadi-Facultad of the Liberal Party of the Philippines; Mr. Kao Wen Sheng of the Singapore Democratic Party (SDP); Mr. Kamal Nissanka of the Liberal Party of Sri Lanka; and, Messrs. Bruce Wei and Sakai Toru of the Democratic Progressive Party of Taiwan.

Ms. Girawadee Khao-orn (FNF Bangkok) and Dr. Busarin Dusadeeisariyawong (Malaysia Project), Ms. Vera Putri (FNF Jakarta), and Ms. Gulmina Bilal (FNF Islamabad) are also attending.

The facilitators are FNF Manila Country Representative, Dr. Ronald Meinardus, and CALD Executive Director John Joseph S. Coronel. Mr. Abraham Olandres, a blog expert from the Philippines, will serve are resource person.